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Why You Should Consider Having A Home Safety Check  (EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report or an EICR is a safety check conducted by an electrician to report on the state of the electrical installation in your home – think of it like a MOT for a building.


Are you aware that your home should have an Electrical check done at least every 10 years, Or 5 years if it is a rental or commercial property, (LANDLORDS - See our Landlord section for more details).


For privately owned domestic properties, it's not currently a statutory requirement to have an EICR, (although new laws for Private Rented Domestic properties are being passed and will be compulsory from 01 July 2020), It's just a good idea. It's advisable that the electrical installation of your property is tested and inspected at regular intervals.

 Like all Mechanical and Electrical systems, These will deteriorate over time and with use, Screws can become loose, Cables overheat, Outlets can crack & become brittle which can all lead to an accident of electric shock or even a fire.

  Prior to 2012 the EICR was known as a Periodic Inspection Report or a PIR. 


So, why should you consider having an EICR? Read on to find out...


•  To ensure there's no damage to any electrical installations As part of the EICR your electrician will conduct a visual Inspection to look out for damaged or broken plug sockets, switches, light fittings and fuseboards and also signs of overheating and burning.  


• To determine if electrical devices are installed in the right locations, For example wall mounted light switches shouldn't be installed inside bathrooms.  


• To check your earthing As part of the EICR your electrician will check that your earthing system is suitable for your electrical installation. It is vital that you have adequate earthing for both the protection of you and others in your property and the property itself.   


• To check if RCDs are installed and to check their performance if they are. Your electrician will first of all check if Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are installed and if they are, they will check if they offer adequate protection from electric shock.


• To determine just how much a risk any possible issues are, your electrician will number them from C1 to C3 on the EICR.    


 Understanding the codes

Code C1 - Danger present: With this issue there's a risk of injury and immediate remedial action is required to remove the dangerous condition.

Code C2 - Potentially dangerous condition: Urgent remedial action required, this should declare the nature of the problem, not the remedial actions required.

Code C3 - Improvement recommended: This code more often than not implies that while the installation may not comply with current regulations, it complies with previous regulations and is deemed safe but its safety could be improved.




EICR   -      A full inspection & Testing of the installation  with a report of its condition.

We price our reports on a per circuit rate: Minimum Charge is £150


Consumer unit + Incoming supply inc. Meter  =                                 £30 per C/U

Circuit includes from C/U to all points

(eg. Sockets, Switches, Light Fittings etc).   =                                   £20 per Circuit


Eg. Up to 2 Bed property (max 6 circuits)       £150

Up to 5 bed property (max 10 circuits)       £230

Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing eg. Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR's or Periodic's), Visual inspections, Thermal Imaging, PAT testing etc





We have an open price strategy here, we believe everybody likes to know what they are going to pay before they commit to anything, lets face it we all like to get a deal whenever we can and the same goes here.

We will always be straight forward with you and give you the best price we can whether that is an hourly rate or doing the job on a price rate.

Normally we would never charge hourly for more than 2 Hours as through our years of experience we can very quickly determine how long a job is going to take after a little investigation works.