We have an open price strategy here, we believe everybody likes to know what they are going to pay before they commit to anything, lets face it we all like to get a deal whenever we can and the same goes here.

We will always be straight forward with you and give you the best price we can whether that is an hourly rate or doing the job on a price rate.

Normally we would never charge hourly for more than 2 Hours as through our years of experience we can very quickly determine how long a job is going to take after a little investigation works.

We would therefore recommend to you what is needed to continue and give you a single price for the rest of the works.

We have a Minimum Charge of £90.00 which covers; Callout, Travel & upto 1hr of labour,  Any extra time will be charged at £30.00 per 30 Mins.

After 2 Hours we will just charge our Half day rate of £200 + Materials + Vat, (up to 4 Hours).


VAT at 20% is applicable on these prices.

On Larger jobs we would always recommend a visit to quote the works accordingly. 



 Call us now to book your quote in :   023 8218 2809




Below is an approximate price guide for some common jobs in a domestic premises. Please note these are to be used as a guide only and are certainly not to be used as a final figure. A survey of the prospective job would be needed to attain an accurate quote.                               


All prices are inclusive of VAT


  • Connect cooker/hob :   £120  -  £150

  • Replace White socket/switch :   £108

  • Replace customer supplied lights :   £108 (up to 3 lights / Up to 1 Hour)

  • Fit IP rated bathroom light :    £130

  • Replace bathroom extractor fan :  £150 - £200

  • Install outdoor socket :  From  £135

  • Install new outdoor security light : From  £150

  • Upgrade Fuseboard / Consumer Unit to 18th edition Amendment 2, - 10 way RCBO board :  From £950

  • Fault finding £108 minimum charge.

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report for 3 bed house : From  £228

  • Install mains powered, interlinked smoke/heat alarms :   £200 per unit    






EICR   -      A full Inspection & Testing of the installation with a report of its condition.

We will need access to every Socket, Switch & Light fitting as well as the Fusebox.



We price our reports on a per circuit rate:        Minimum Charge is £150 + VAT



Consumer unit + Incoming supply inc. Meter  =               £30 + Vat per C/U



Circuit includes from C/U to all points                                                    

(eg. Sockets, Switches, Light Fittings etc).   =                 £20 + Vat per Circuit




Eg. Up to 2 Bed property (max 6 circuits)       £150 + VAT

Up to 5 bed property (max 10 circuits  -  10 x £20 = £200 + £30)       £230 + VAT




Advance Payments

Cashflow is the most important thing in any business and as a Huge thankyou we will give you upto 10% off for Paying the Full balance in advance.

To qualify for this, all works must be quoted to a final amount and any extras will be billed separately on completion.

ie. EICR's - We will need to know the exact number of  Consumer units and Circuits on each (Circuits = Fuses / Switches on Consumer unit), Photos provided, etc.

(Minimum of £200 inc Vat)

£200.00 - £999.00  =  10% Off  

 (Any Payment form)


£1000+      = 5% Off   

 (Bank Transfers Only - Due to High commission payments on card facilities)


If you wish to take advantage of this offer, Please contact us before making any payments and we will resend invoice with the discount added to it.



Pricing Policy

1. I price fairly to reflect the work involved and give great value for money. I do not compare my prices with other businesses.

2. I aim to make a fair profit because I am running a sustainable business, to be there for clients when they need me.

3. I include a mark up on materials of 20% to 30% because I specify, collect and offer guarantees on All works I complete.

4. I do not haggle. My prices are 100% non-negotiable when given as a quote.

5. If I ever find that I have under-priced a job, it is my fault, and I will absorb the extra costs

6. If I ever find that I have over-priced a job, I will tell the client and refund the cost of materials. Timescales are only ever given as an estimate due to the number of variables involved. I give no refund on work that takes less time than estimated.