Why would electricians partner with us?


While rewiring houses is not the most technical electrical project, it can be very demanding and challenging work. Many electricians are not suitably equipped to carry out such a task.

They may lack the experience, tools or manpower to complete full house rewiring in a short timescale.

Electricians can also work in various different electrical fields and while qualified to do so, simply do not wish to get involved in rewiring houses. In other instances the job may have constraints that require a swift installation and the electrician may wish to quote on the rewire, but cannot offer a quick enough timescale or package to the client.



How does this referral option work and why would they do this?



It’s win win for everyone involved.


Electricians or other trade related individuals present us with rewiring leads. We then pursue those leads, as we normally would offering a completive package to the client. We keep this lead on our system until a successful quote is accepted or declined.

The individual who refers us may receive a fee which is job dependant and can be up to 10% of the contract value.



Win 1

HomeRewires are delighted to be connected with potential clients, and as such are willing to share a portion of our profit with the contractor or individual who recommended us.


Win 2

The Individual who referred us has not only helped their client or associate find a suitable contractor and elevate that stress, but has earned a small fee for nothing more than a verbal introduction.


Win 3

Most important in all of this is the client.

Rewiring your home can be a very daunting task with massive upheaval. There are not many companies who offer the service we do.



Trying to find a reliable tradesperson also comes with some stress and uncertainty. With our referral scheme the client is introduced to a company who offers a completely professional solution to rewiring your home. We promise to complete the works quicker and more efficiently than anyone else, and have unrivalled experience to ensure this major project goes to plan.




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