Below you will find some guidance related to some of the most frequently asked questions we are asked whilst visiting peoples properties. If you are still unsure on any of the topics then please feel free to ask us directly and we will help any way we can.
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Landlord Helpsheet Updated.pdf

Landlords Information on New regulations for 2020


EICR home safety check Helpsheet.pdf

Home Safety check for your Electrical installation, This is called an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report).

This helpsheet will explain Why it should be done & How it is carried out.

Replacing a Fuseboard.pdf

This Helpsheet explains the importance of keeping your Consumer Unit / Fusebox up to date and keeping you & your Family safe.

Earthing & Bonding.pdf

This Helpsheet explains the importance of having both Earthing & Bonding in place on your installation.

Take Care When Selecting An Electrician!!

Many electrical contractors are simply not interested in small electrical works. They want the choice jobs, and will drop you like a hot potato when a bigger, supposedly more lucrative, project comes in.

Others advertise as electricians having no qualifications.  They thrive on the basis that you don’t understand what they do and, as a result, overcharge for shoddy, and often dangerous, work.

I set up Jenkins Electrical in order to fill a gap in the domestic sector. I want to provide you with a quality service that provides you with exactly what you need from an electrician.