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We are the South's leading Electrical Rewiring Specialists, We can carry out 90% of our Rewires with Minimal Damage caused.

Using our 30 years of experience and Modern Wireless Technologies, We can save you £000's in Plastering and Decoration costs when your Rewire is Completed by us...

Smart Home Systems

What Is a Smart Home ?


A smart home is a house which is equipped with connected devices that can be programmed and controlled remotely via a smartphone or computer. For example, a smart home enables remote control of lighting, temperature, multi-media, security, window and doors, and many other functions.

The most common smart devices include:


We have an open price strategy here, we believe everybody likes to know what they are going to pay before they commit to anything, lets face it we all like to get a deal whenever we can and the same goes here.

We will always be straight forward with you and give you the best price we can whether that is an hourly rate or doing the job on a price rate.

Normally we would never charge hourly for more than 2 Hours as through our years of experience we can very quickly determine how long a job is going to take after a little investigation works.