Terms & Conditions

Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services


Terms And Conditions


All work is carried out in accordance with BS7671 (IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition).

The installation will comply with Part P of the Building Regulations (2005). Where required, on completion Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services will issue the relevant certification and inform your local building control office of the nature and extent of the works carried out.


Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services guarantees all work for a period of 12 months from completion, provided that the work is not altered or interfered with in any way (including third party repairs). Materials and components are subject to

manufacturer's warranty. Any Warranty jobs are only done by ourselves and other contractors services are not refunded.


1.    Additional works (that is, those not specifically noted in this quotation) will be subject to charges at our normal rate of £60 per hour.

2.    All fittings remain the property of Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services until full and final payment is received even after installed.

3.    All fittings and components provided as white plastic conforming to the relevant British standards (unless otherwise stated).

4.    Where making good is necessary, Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services will make good to a bonding coat finish only. This will require a smooth coat once dry.

5.    Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services will provide materials and labour unless otherwise stated.

6.    Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services will have access to the property on the days agreed. The job duration quoted assumes vacant access and the absence of delays or disruptions by other trades. Any delays due to disruption or impeded access may result in additional charges.

7.    Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services will not be responsible for waste removal.

8.    Occupants will need to ensure that the floor spaces of all rooms are clear. Any delays due to unclear spaces will result in additional charges.

9.    Certificates, where required, will be forwarded on receipt of full payment.

10.    Parking permits are to be provided where required, otherwise parking costs will be added to the final invoice.

11.    It is the client/customers responsibility to ensure permission, building warrants and authorisation for any/all work required.

12.    Free advice is general electrical safety recommendations individual to your needs helping to improve the safety of your property/premises.

13.    If we do work (including fault finding or cable location etc) then there is a charge and this is not included in free advice.

14.  Any equipment requiring hired, ie access equipment, other tradesmen (subcontractors, ie plumber/builder/carpet fitter/ decorator etc) or any other large cost out of our control will be paid for in advance by yourself the customer (or bill payer) in full before the 1st day of work direct or via ourselves to the subcontractor(s).

15. Any “DEADLINE CLAUSES” including charges MUST be made available in writing to us before the start of job or within 7 DAYS of start date of larger projects of 20+ days or we will not be held liable under any terms.


Power may be shut off as the work is carried out and a temporary supply fitted. Flooring may be lifted to provide access. In order to run new cables the contractor may need to open channels in the ceilings and walls, we will fill these channels to a bonding coat only.

The above may not apply to every project and your electrician will advise you on the day.


Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services will take every care to avoid damage during the execution of works, however, dependent on the age of the property and the type of work contracted it is possible that some slight damage may be inevitable, i.e. cracking or breaking of dried floorboards, cracks to plaster near channeling, carpets not refitting tightly. We cannot be held responsible for repairs to such damage.


  Quotes given are Estimates and not fixed Prices and can vary, estimates are approximate minimum-maximum but never a final price.

   Free Quotes are given at our discression, We will only ever charge if we have to get tools out or come across a dangerous situation which requires immediate attention.

    Free Quotes are only available within a 5 Mile radius of Southampton, Outside of this area a small charge will be made to cover Travel costs which will be reimbursed upon final invoice of work carried out.



  Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services, will require the payment of a deposit prior to booking works into their schedule of works. As time, date(s) slot is only agreed when a deposit is paid. A contract is only formed after deposit is received and that time date is arranged, no deposit means no guaranteed start date for work to commence.

 If work is cancelled without 5 days working notice the deposit is non-refundable. More than 5 days prior notice and deposit is fully refundable (less the 2.5% card charge, if applies) as long as no material has been ordered.

 Small jobs normally have no deposit required and can be cancelled at no cost to either party, unless again material is ordered or work has already started. Returned materials can have a wholesaler restocking charge.

 Deposits are required on every job where the materials equate to more than £500. Between £500 & £2000, A deposit of 50% of total price of job will be payable Before work can commence. Over £2000 of Materials The total cost of materials will be payable before work can commence. This can be split into 3 Payments of Deposit 30%, End of First fix 40% and End of Second fix 30% as required.


All Jobs require a Deposit unless otherwise agreed, no other payment will be required until the works have been completed. Upon completion, the balance of the monies owed will become due. Larger projects may require interim payments, and this will be agreed in advance. Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services accept most methods of payment including BACS, Cards and Cheques.

All materials including fittings, cables and other components remain the property of Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services until full and final payment is made.

  First invoice is issued after each fix (1st & 2nd) and if payment is not received within 10 days (including weekends and bank holidays) a 10% fee is added as late payment and the invoice is resent on day 11 for the extra added amount. Any discounts / special offers / promotions will be forfeited and reinstated back onto the invoice.

Strict 10 days to receive FULL payment, excluding down payments /deposits.

Failure to settle account within one calendar month of invoice date will automatically start legal claims proceedings at the FULL rate of invoice. All legal costs, late payments fees, additional labour fees can be added to the invoice as a decision of Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services. There may be a daily interest applied to any long term outstanding debts until payment cleared in full.

 Only one reminder is posted as an overdue reminder, this has the 10% added and further to receive payment debt recovery costs started without further warnings.


Emergency call outs are void from a no call out fee, details of call out charges and hourly rate are available on our Website   www.jenkinsems.co.uk.   This will be Payable by Card or cash when leaving the property regardless if repaired or return visit required.   Return visit is invoiced separately and normally on day rates + costs.


Normal working hours at single time are 8am-4:30pm, Monday - Friday, including bank holidays, excluding Christmas / New Year. Out of these hours is charged at a higher labour charge.

 Emergency call out available throughout the year, 24hour, 365 days a year. (see above).

Inspection and testing is normally included (unless otherwise stated) in all jobs and full certification given if applicable. Certificates are only issued when payment is received in full and all funds have cleared.

Duplicate certificates are charged at minimum £15 per A4 sheet.

Jenkins Electrical Maintenance Services can change its terms and conditions at any time, only in writing if a current contract is already started. No future notice needs to be given to change terms and conditions.

BACS Payments.

Account Name:   Neill Jenkins

Account Number:  27345137

Sort Code:          09-01-29

We no longer accept Cheques as a form of payment, You can pay directly from your bank account or we can accept Card payments through PayPal.

By signing this ageement, I understand my rights of the Cooling off period of 14 Days under “the Consumer Rights Act 2015”

Is waived as to proceed with the works to be carried out.



I Hereby agree to the above Terms and Conditions and understand that these relate to present and all future works undertaken

and allow work to commence :

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