Rewiring Your Home with Wireless Switches

Rewiring your Southampton home can feel like a daunting prospect but choosing an experienced electrician to complete the project will make it far less stressful. 

Rewiring your home also allows you to redesign your electrical system to better suit your needs and to bring in some new smart technology. Jenkins Electrical MS are based in Southampton and specialise in rewiring homes with Quinetic wireless switch technology. Rewiring your home with wireless switches allows you to place them anywhere you would like, without the constraints of traditional wiring. This makes for a much more user-friendly experience and reduces the disruption of a rewire.

Why should I rewire my home?

When your electrical wiring begins to show signs of wear and tear, you will need to consider rewiring your home. Generally speaking, the electrical wiring in a home should be replaced every 25-30 years. Wiring deteriorates with age and use, and faults can begin to arise. Flickering lights are an example of the kind of apparently minor fault that can develop as wiring ages. Although this seems like a trivial irritant, flickering lights indicate faults within your wiring which, if left unchecked, could cause a fire. If you have any concerns about your wiring, it is best to call in your local, qualified electrician. Before a reputable electrician takes on the job of rewiring your home, they will want to perform a thorough inspection, known as an EICR. They will fully assess the condition of your existing electrical installation and will only recommend a rewire if necessary. 
Having your home rewired involves the complete renewal of your electrical installation. Old wiring, fixtures and fittings will be removed, and new ones will be installed. Rewiring presents an opportunity to update not only your wiring but also the technology you use. Choosing to rewire with Quinetic Wireless switches allows you to truly future proof your home and frees you from the constraints of locating switches based on wiring. This enables you to install switches practically anywhere, without worrying about the damage caused by adding new wiring. You can add a Quinetic switch to any surface; wood, glass, marble or tile with no fear of damage to delicate surfaces.

What happens during a full rewire?

Rewiring a home involves lifting floorboards and carpets and chasing out walls in every room, including loft spaces and basements. Every area of your home will be affected. To make the process simpler and speedier most Southampton homeowners will choose to leave their home whilst the rewiring is undertaken. Rewiring a home is a messy and disruptive process and the power will be off for lengthy periods whilst work is undertaken. It is safer for your family to be away whist it is happening. A full rewire will usually take several days to complete. The size of your home and the complexity of your new wiring will determine the exact length of time. At Jenkins Electrical MS Southampton we give you an estimated timeframe before work begins and keep you informed of our progress throughout.

Benefits of using Quinetic wireless switches when rewiring

At Jenkins Electrical MS we specialise in completing rewires using wireless switching technology. Quinetic wireless switches are a fantastic update to a home at any time but are particularly useful when rewiring. They allow us to keep the damage and disruption to a minimum and allow you to really personalise the electrical layout of your home.
Benefits include:

  • Less mess – Less channelling will be required to install new hardware and far less dust will be created.
  • Less damage – As most of the invasive work will be kept at plug socket height there will be far less damage and disruption to your décor.
  • Lower additional costs – With smaller areas of damage to repair, your additional costs for plastering and redecoration will be far lower.
  • Flexible Installation – Wireless switches can be installed anywhere you would like them, on any surface.
  • Stylish switches – Quinetic switches are designed with your personal style in mind and come in a variety of finishes to match your decorative choices.

If your home needs rewiring and you would like to speak to an experienced rewire electrician, Jenkins Electrical MS are on hand to help. Our fully qualified, NICEIC registered electricians have a wealth of experience in rewiring using wireless switch technology and can answer all your queries. Call our friendly Southampton based team today.