Your Guide to Quinetic Wireless Kinetic Switches

Your Guide to Quinetic Wireless Kinetic Switches

Quinetic’s wireless kinetic switches are an innovative technology that change the way your home is wired. 

They allow you to place switches exactly where you want them, without the traditional constraints of fixed wiring. To help you learn more about the benefits of Quinetic wireless kinetic switching, Jenkins Electrical MS have created this handy guide. Our Southampton based electricians have a wealth of experience installing Quinetic switches and are here to share their expert advice.

Rewiring Your Home with Wireless Switches

Rewiring Your Home with Wireless Switches

Rewiring your Southampton home can feel like a daunting prospect but choosing an experienced electrician to complete the project will make it far less stressful. 

Rewiring your home also allows you to redesign your electrical system to better suit your needs and to bring in some new smart technology. Jenkins Electrical MS are based in Southampton and specialise in rewiring homes with Quinetic wireless switch technology. Rewiring your home with wireless switches allows you to place them anywhere you would like, without the constraints of traditional wiring.

Smart Home Systems

What Is a Smart Home ?


A smart home is a house which is equipped with connected devices that can be programmed and controlled remotely via a smartphone or computer. For example, a smart home enables remote control of lighting, temperature, multi-media, security, window and doors, and many other functions.

The most common smart devices include:


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