Your Guide to Quinetic Wireless Kinetic Switches

Quinetic’s wireless kinetic switches are an innovative technology that change the way your home is wired. 

They allow you to place switches exactly where you want them, without the traditional constraints of fixed wiring. To help you learn more about the benefits of Quinetic wireless kinetic switching, Jenkins Electrical MS have created this handy guide. Our Southampton based electricians have a wealth of experience installing Quinetic switches and are here to share their expert advice.

How does Kinetic Wireless Switching work?

Quinetic’s kinetic wireless switching works by utilising the kinetic energy generated each time you press a switch. The switch converts this kinetic energy into electricity which, in turn, is used to send a signal to the Quinetic wireless controller. The controller then turns the light on or off. 
As the switch relies on user generated kinetic energy, Quinetic switches require no external power source. No wiring and no battery. Being self-powered means Quinetic switches are an eco-friendly, energy saving option for your Southampton home The receiver is the only part attached to the electrical wiring. This means that the switch can be installed practically anywhere with no need to cut channels into your walls.

Benefits of Installing Kinetic Wireless Switching

The obvious benefit of wireless switches is that they are wireless. They do not need to be hardwired into the electrical system in your home and that means simple, mess free installation anywhere you would like. Quinetic switches can be installed exactly where you want them. If the current light switch in your bedroom leaves you stumbling across the floor each night after lights out, why not put it next to your bed? Perhaps the light switch for your loft requires a torch to locate it amongst the beams? Why not pop one in the hallway below. Choosing wireless switches gives you the freedom to plan your home based on what works for you, rather than what the wiring dictates. 
Installing Quinetic wireless switches is simple for a qualified electrician and won’t leave you needing to repair any damage to your walls. Quinetic wireless switches can also be mounted on practically any surface including glass, wood and tile. No need for drilling and no risk of damage to delicate surfaces. Should you decide later that you need an additional switch installed, this is as straightforward as the initial installation. Quinetic receivers can be controlled by up to 10 switches. Adding an extra switch is a simple, mess free task for your electrician and you!

Quinetic switches are designed for use both indoors and outdoors. They are waterproof and completely safe as they are not electrified. This also makes them suitable for use in places where light switches would not normally be recommended, such as in the bathroom. They are also perfect for switching on lights inside sheds and controlling outdoor lighting features. 

Quinetic Switch Options

Quinetic switches are available in many different designs and finishes so there is no need to compromise on style. You can select from stylish matt white, matt grey, Silver, or Black finishes. The switches can be paired with a dimmable receiver allowing you to adjust your lighting level as you wish. You can also pair up to 10 switches with one receiver, perfect for rooms with multiple entrances and exits.

If you would like to learn more about Quinetic wireless kinetic switching, Jenkins Electrical MS are your local, trusted experts. Our Southampton based team of fully qualified electricians will be happy to share their knowledge. Call our friendly team today.