Quinetic Wireless Switch 1 gang - White - IP67- Use Indoors & Outdoors

Innovation of Wireless Kinetic Technology
The Quinetic wireless switch has a built-in micro energy generator.
The action of pressing the switch, generates enough kinetic energy to create and transmit a radio signal
and switch on/off via a receiver (wireless controller) the lamp or other loads
This solves an age old problem of having to install switch wiring over the past 130 years since
the invention of the light bulb

No Wiring. No Battery. Easy Installation

Weatherproof IP67

  • On / Off Switch
  • Dimmable when used with Dimmable Switch Receivers
  • Control distance*: 80m (outdoor) 25m (indoor)
    *Distance comes from Quinetic laboratory test result. The actual distance in practical use might vary due to environmental difference
  • Installation: Permanently fixed or placed on wall using self adhesive 3M tape (supplied)
  • Warranty: 3 Years

86mm - Wide
86mm - High
17mm - Deep



This unit can be installed to completely eradicate any damage to walls through channeling or unsightly Trunking running down the wall for the installation of cables between switches and light fittings. The cost of Re-plastering, Re-decorating  and Inconvenience caused far outweighs the cost of these Modern installation systems, Together with a great choice of associated switches you can have your whole house running on our system with the added WIFI compatible units which can also be controlled by Mobile devices and Alexa / Google Home etc.


Prices quoted include basic installation where a power supply is already at the fitting or Switch position where this has a Permanent Live, Neutral & Earth present. In some cases alterations or further wiring may be required which will have an extra charge.